Quick earnings in social networks: casino - scam


Just ended the saga of wiring people for money called "bot banker in carts", And a new scam appeared again. Moreover, the novelty dragged a greater number of users. Quick earnings in social networks does not cause suspicion among the people, judging by the tens of thousands of negative reviews. The reason is simple - the cash reward has grown 50-100 times. And we are talking about the amount of 5-10 thousand dollars a week.

It is strange that this does not cause suspicion among sane people.

Fast earnings in social networks

Facebook, interagram, telegram, reddit - yes, in any network there is a friend who in his feed will necessarily publish the news about simple and profitable earnings. And the people are pecking - this is not a bot, but a real person. A friend who, by the way, for 1-2 months, congratulated on his birthday and sent beautiful pictures. Like and leave nice comments.

Quick earnings in social networks: casino - scam

So, the casino! When clicking on the link, nothing is normal - registration and immediately 500 dollars on the beginner’s account. And you can’t immediately withdraw - the condition obliges you to bet and earn. And to make money not on the site itself, but to work with a remote casino located somewhere in Europe.

And so that the client does not get off the hook, the casino warns that all player earnings are subject to a duty. After all, 500 dollars are simply not given. Those users who have a question peck at this - where did such a generous gift come from when registering?

And then more interesting.

A man makes bets and enters into excitement. Lose-win-lose. Came almost to zero. Annoyance. But good luck. And good luck again. Doubled the win and all of a sudden, Jackpot! Five thousand dollars in the account. It’s time to take off. The casino site immediately selects its percentage and offers to switch to the withdrawal form.

So they come to the truth.

The withdrawal of money is carried out by SWIFT transfer, worth 90 US dollars. And the money is not withdrawn from the winnings, but they need to be transferred from the card or terminal of the company making the payment. And people, for the sake of thousands of dollars, easily part with copecks (90 bucks, against 4-5 thousands).

Casino scam: how it works

There is a site of the casino itself, which is managed by a person or a group of persons. This site is spinning:

  • client for connecting users;
  • pseudo-European casino;
  • Internet banking SWIFT.

That is, all these gains and losses are made by the program, the task of which is to excite the user with excitement and as a result give the desired amount (5000 dollars). The percentage is removed and the user spills over to the withdrawal form, which is again controlled by the site owners. Let the site have a different address - but the puppeteer remains the same. It is not difficult to guess that Swift payment from a player is the goal of earning online casinos.

Quick earnings in social networks: casino - scam

How to stop the scam distribution

In fact, everything is simple. To be sure that they want to trap the user with an advantageous offer, you must do the following:

  • select and copy the link address or mobile phone number to the computer (phone) memory;
  • insert information into the search page of Yandex or Google and add the word without quotes "scam";
  • the first 5 links will reveal the truth about the service.

Then you can proceed to block criminals. Offering fast earnings in social networks, scammers use fake pages. We go to the page and in the additional options we select "complain". If the social network asks for a reason - indicate “fraud».

One or two complaints will not solve the problem, but a hundred is a complete block. Then you can repost the record and write in the text box - “Attention! Cheater. Casino scam. Be careful - remove from friends and record a complaint". Everything is simple! Take care of yourself and loved ones!

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