Blackouts: how to live with light during blackouts

Due to the missile strikes of the aggressor country and frequent massive attacks, the Ukrainian power supply system has suffered. Circumstances force power engineers to turn off the light to consumers from 2 to 6 o'clock, in emergency mode, these figures can grow up to several days. Ukrainians find ways out of this situation, let's look at how you can live with electricity during blackouts.


Generators and uninterruptibles: what you need to know about them

A generator is a device that converts electricity by burning fuel. The disadvantage of some models is an unpleasant smell and the inability to install in an apartment. The most popular are inverter, they are easy to install indoors. The power of the generator is enough not only for lighting, but also for powering such devices:

  • electric kettle;
  • a computer;
  • fridge;
  • microwave oven;
  • washing machine.

An uninterruptible battery is a small battery. Its operating time is short, it is mainly used to save documents on a computer and pull equipment out of sockets. The last action helps to extend the life of the electronics, because when turned on, there may be an overvoltage.

Solar panels: green energy

Solar panels are conventionally divided into two types:

  • compact devices;
  • large panels on the roof.

The latter are combined into solar systems or stations. They convert rays into electricity. Top systems even allow you to sell it at a special rate.

Compact devices are used to charge mobile gadgets and laptops. There are different models on the electronics market, you can order solar panels power from 3 to 655 watts. The characteristic determines how long one charge will last.

Power Bank and other devices

Power Bank is a compact portable battery designed to charge laptops, mobile phones, wireless headphones and other gadgets. The dimensions of the device depend on its capacity. We recommend purchasing a Power Bank with the following features:

  • autonomy up to 5 cycles;
  • the ability to simultaneously charge multiple gadgets;
  • form factor with built-in flashlight.

In addition to a portable battery, you can purchase thermal bags and auto-refrigerators. This is especially true if outages last more than 6 hours. Devices will help keep food fresh, their autonomy reaches 12 hours. We recommend stocking up on flashlights. With the light from the device, it is more convenient to cook food, wash dishes, and do other housework.

When choosing devices, consider the duration of blackouts. If outages exceed 8 hours, it is better to buy a generator. For short-term disappearances of light, portable batteries, compact solar panels, flashlights and uninterruptible power supplies are sufficient. With proper preparation for blackouts, power outages will not be a disaster!


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