Non-contact soap dispenser - a chic solution for your home

In public places, when visiting a store, gas station or medical facility, you can find a lot of useful equipment. And upon coming home, there is a strange feeling of inferiority. But the situation is easy to fix. Clever Chinese have long come up with interesting solutions and are ready to sell them to us at a very low price.


Contactless soap dispenser No. 1


Every person remembers the classic performance of the liquid soap dispenser from early childhood. This miracle technique was installed in cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels and gas stations. To get soap, you had to press a button. But this is the technology of the last century. Thanks to innovative developments, the world saw a more advanced device.

Бесконтактный дозатор мыла – шикарное решение для дома

To get the coveted portion of soap, you do not need to press anything. It is enough to put your hand under the tap, as the device will dispense a portion of liquid soap into the palm of your hand. A smart device can be configured, for example, to screw the volume of portioned soap. Powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included). The device has an affordable price of $14 and is suitable for lotions and disinfectants.

Бесконтактный дозатор мыла – шикарное решение для дома

The pleasant moments include the presence of light or sound notifications about the operation of the device. This is very convenient when you need to supervise children about hand washing. The sound can be heard perfectly even from the closed bathroom door.


Contactless soap dispenser No. 2


Saving should be economical - says popular wisdom. And the dispenser should use detergents sparingly. Apparently, this is exactly what the Chinese technologists thought, and the wireless foam dispenser saw the light. Liquid soap and water are poured into the container, the foam density is adjusted and the device is ready for use.

Бесконтактный дозатор мыла – шикарное решение для дома

With a capacity of 250 ml, this device is ready to compete in efficiency with all liquid soap dispensers (without creating foam). The convenience of the technology is that in addition to being powered by two AA batteries, you can connect the device to the mains. This solution also allows you to save on the purchase of batteries.


Soap Dispenser #3 - Xiaomi Mijia


And those who do not trust budget technology with strange names can be offered the products of the most popular brand in China. Xiaomi's non-contact soap dispenser costs $ 27 - relatively expensive. This device itself is more functional. Take at least a collapsible foam feeder. The possibility of repair gives some kind of guarantee for durability.

Бесконтактный дозатор мыла – шикарное решение для дома

As with the dispenser number 2, Xiaomi is pleased with the possibility of working from two power sources. AA batteries are not included in the package, as well as the power supply. But choosing accessories for the device will not be difficult. Compared to its cheaper counterparts, Mijia looks rich and elegant. It is not a shame to buy such a device as a gift for loved ones.

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