Why is it profitable to buy a Panasonic 32 inch TV

Televisions of the Japanese brand Panasonic do not need advertising. These are technically advanced electronics that are in demand by buyers all over the world. The company has a full production cycle. That is, the manufacturer has its own factories for the manufacture of LCD panels, electronics and other components that are needed to assemble the device.


Buy Panasonic TV 32 inches very profitable. Diagonals 32-37 are the most popular on the market. The fact is that under this size there are most installation methods:


  • TV niches in home furniture correspond to 34-38 inches.
  • All wall mounts (regular, non-reinforced) are designed to mount TVs up to 37”.
  • In terms of dimensions, 32-37 inch TVs are easily installed on any written (or computer) desks.

Телевизоры Panasonic с диагональю 32-37 дюймов

In addition, for convenient viewing of content at close range (2-3 meters), it is better to buy a TV with an average diagonal (32-37 inches). This is beneficial for apartment dwellers.


Why is it profitable to buy a Panasonic 32 inch TV


A feature of all Panasonic TVs is perfect ergonomics. Regardless of the size of the diagonal and the model range, the company's technologists correctly calculated the stability. Relevant for those buyers who do not plan to hang the TV on the wall. Panasonic TVs are convenient for families with small children or pets. It is not possible to overturn the device. Since a powerful stand simply does not allow this to be done, even for an adult. Yes, the TV assembly with the stand is heavy. But it guarantees sustainability. Accordingly, the integrity of consumer electronics.

Телевизоры Panasonic с диагональю 32-37 дюймов

Compared to other brands, Panasonic has not abandoned the use of old technology. Along with technologically advanced 4K OLED displays, you can buy LED and LCD TVs in HD and FullHD resolutions on the market. The main role here is played by the price. After all, more than 50% of people on the planet use the TV for its intended purpose. Watch satellite and terrestrial channels. And they are broadcast without HDR and in low resolution. In this case, it makes no sense to overpay for unused technologies.


Panasonic 32” TV Advantages


The electronics of the Japanese brand can be safely called an innovator in the flat-panel TV market. Panasonic was the first company to develop and market plasma panels. Even at the beginning of the 21st century, this technology showed the consumer that color reproduction can be much better than on LCD displays. The advantages of Japanese TVs can be listed on the fingers for a long time. Here are the main ones:


  1. Durability. The warranty period of 3 years is for show. In fact, all Panasonic TVs are built to last for decades. They have a huge margin of brightness and contrast. This LED, LCD or OLED will end, and the TV will work at the initial quality characteristics. By the way, it is much easier to sell a Panasonic TV in the secondary market than a panel from another brand.
  2. High electrical qualities. All TVs, including 32-37 diagonals, have low power consumption. Plus, the electronics are resistant to voltage drops. Relevant for homeowners who have problems with electrical wiring. Built-in stabilizers add weight to TVs. But they guarantee resistance to power surges in the network.
  3. The most realistic image. This is the “horse” of the Panasonic brand. Any buyer can easily verify this by looking at the operation of the TV in the store. Note that competitors have a “demo mode” in the device settings. This is when the brightness and contrast settings are "wound" to the maximum. Panasonic TVs are working as normal. As it should be on a permanent basis.
  4. Flexibility in multimedia. Japanese brand televisions are often referred to as old-fashioned. Where else, along with HDMI connectors, you can find VGA, AV and even SCART. Most people don't need them. But the owners of old game consoles, satellite tuners and home theaters will need it.
  5. Modern technology. As a rule, the buyer is guided by advertising. Where people are told about the importance of HDR10 or Dolby Vision. Here the Japanese bypass all competitors. After all, films are shot on Panasonic studio cameras. Naturally, TVs get all the "chips" that are involved in filming. For example, 4K Pro Studio Master UHD technology makes it possible to see the movie through the eyes of the director.


Телевизоры Panasonic с диагональю 32-37 дюймов

Multimedia capabilities of Panasonic TVs 32-37 inches


The Japanese completely abandoned the production of "combine televisions". This is when the full functionality for recreation and entertainment is assembled in one device. The result is the competitive price of Panasonic TVs in the global market. Technologies responsible for image quality and the ability to connect to different sources are observed. But according to the method of application, TVs are divided into several model ranges:


  • For home.
  • For business.
  • flagships.
  • Budgetary.

Телевизоры Panasonic с диагональю 32-37 дюймов

The choice is based on 2 criteria - price and functionality. The buyer calculates his budget for the purchase of a TV. After that, he chooses the diagonal, the type of matrix, multimedia capabilities to suit his needs. Consumer qualities are taken into account:


  • Where and how will the TV be installed.
  • What signal sources will be connected.
  • What are the requirements for signal transmission from the source (video, sound, internet).
  • Multimedia capabilities (3D, screen frequency, support for nVidia and AMD game modes).
  • TV signal operation modes (video recording, teletext, voice control, etc.).


Ideas for life - all the best and modern in one device


Panasonic's slogan - "ideas for life", says a lot for the buyer. After all, what do people need? Maximum convenience, impeccable quality, safety and confidence in the future. This is all inherent in Panasonic TVs a priori.

Телевизоры Panasonic с диагональю 32-37 дюймов

Any doubts? Look at other electronics that the brand produces. These are camcorders, cameras, players, phones, musical instruments, laptops and tablets. Signal sources. Technologically advanced devices that easily compete in the market with the same famous brands. Naturally, Panasonic implements all these technologies in the production of TVs. As a result, the owner gets what he wants. Convenience, quality, safety, durability…

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