Starlink satellites eliminate wired internet

Everyone who laughed at the idea of ​​Elon Musk to deploy a satellite Internet network over planet Earth will soon take their words back. Already in Beta testing, it became clear that soon Starlink satellites will eliminate the wired Internet. Of course, wireless technologies will not be able to compete with optics. But the old copper networks will be replaced with one click of the fingers.

Спутники Starlink ликвидируют проводной интернет

Starlink satellites - space technology of the 21st century


The main problem with all satellite channels is the delay in the transmission of packets between the source and the receiver of the signal. Viasat was considered the leader in performance before Starlink. Satellite Internet could accelerate to 100 megabits per second, but with delays of 590-620 milliseconds.

Спутники Starlink ликвидируют проводной интернет

With SpaceX satellites in lower Earth orbit, the Starlink project was able to significantly reduce these ill-fated communication delays to 33ms. Many 3G and 4G landline providers are not even ready to deliver such results. And here - space satellites. Let the speed of Elon Musk while stuck at around 300 megabits per second. But the response is wonderful.


What are the prospects for Starlink satellite Internet


Elon Musk's ambitions are impressive. The American philanthropist has already officially announced the planned speed of 10 Gbps. Given the fact that the billionaire does not throw words to the wind, the task will be implemented in the near future.

Спутники Starlink ликвидируют проводной интернет

Now for the price of services. A set of equipment for testing satellite Internet Starlink is already available for sale. It can be purchased in the US and Canada for $ 499. The kit includes a router, terminal and mounting accessories. The subscription fee in North America is $ 99 per month (unlimited channel). The service is also available in England - prices in pounds: 439 and 89, respectively.

Спутники Starlink ликвидируют проводной интернет

10 subscribers are already participating in the testing of Starlink satellite Internet. In fact, these are several land-based providers that have already lost so many customers. And this figure will increase exponentially. Very soon, all over the world, we will see rainbow promotional offers from providers promising discounts to their customers. The day is not far off when twisted pair and fiber optics will repeat the fate of landline telephony. If the price is adequate, there will always be a buyer.

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