Zac Efron no longer looks like himself

The sex symbol of the 21st century, Hollywood actor Zac Efron unpleasantly surprised his fans. At the very least, most of the star's followers on social media have caused a stir due to strange changes in the updated photos.


Zac Efron has ceased to be like himself


It all started with the fact that the actor published the news that he had broken up with his girlfriend Vanessa Valladares. The reason has not been specified, but it can be said with greater certainty that due to the fragmented filming schedules in different countries.

Зак Эфрон (Zac Efron) перестал быть похож сам на себя

Along with the news, the Hollywood star posted a photo of herself. It was from this image that the boom around the world around Zac Efron began. In short, the claims to the actor look like this:


  • Zach's jawline has taken on a more square shape on his face. It is clear that the Spartan facial features give courage, but so quickly changing the shape of the face can only be done with surgery.
  • The actor gained muscle mass too quickly and made himself a relief. This is even beyond the power of professionals. Not to mention the actors with their busy schedules and snacks throughout the day.


Зак Эфрон (Zac Efron) перестал быть похож сам на себя


In Defense of the Cool Hollywood Actor from Rescuers Malibu


Along with negative comments on the change in the appearance of the Hollywood star, you can also find positive reviews. Zac Efron really looks cooler. With such facial features and figure, you can claim the main role in any action movie.

Зак Эфрон (Zac Efron) перестал быть похож сам на себя

The actor himself avoids answering questions about surgical intervention. In fact, it doesn't matter. After all, each person is the arbiter of his own destiny. None of the fans have the right to condemn Zac Efron. One proverb is ideal here - "It is easy to see a speck in someone else's eye, but it is not destiny to notice a log in your own eye." Let's wish Zach good luck on that new project for which he so elegantly transformed into a brutal man.

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