WiFi Booster (Repeater) or how to amplify a Wi-Fi signal

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Weak Wi-Fi signal for residents of a multi-room apartment, home or office is an urgent problem. Like it or not, the router famously distributes the Internet in only one room. The rest smoke bamboo. The search for a good-quality router and acquisition do not fix the situation. What to do? There is an exit. WiFi Booster (Repeater) or the acquisition of several routers that can relay the signal will help.

The problem is solved in three ways. Moreover, they differ in financial costs, efficiency and functionality.

  1. Business. If you want to create a wireless network for an office with two or more rooms, then the best solution is to purchase professional Cisco Aironet equipment. A feature of access points in creating a secure and high-speed network.

WiFi Booster (Repeater) or how to amplify a Wi-Fi signal indoors

  1. Budget option No.1. With several routers available, you can improve your Wi-Fi coverage. True, the glands should support Repeat mode. It does not make sense to buy a second router to solve the problem, since, according to finances, this is unprofitable.

WiFi Booster (Repeater) or how to amplify a Wi-Fi signal indoors

  1. Budget option No.2. Buy WiFi Booster (Repeater). Inexpensive device (15-20 $) will cope with the task quickly and easily. Comparing with the first budget option, where you need knowledge on how to configure the bridge in routers, the booster looks more attractive. Since the device is configured in a matter of minutes.

WiFi Booster (Repeater) - a miracle beast

A feature of the booster is that it is both a repeater and a signal amplifier. According to the characteristics and requirements for Wi-Fi devices, Booster is not much different from the classic router:

  • The presence of an Ethernet port for connecting to a local network;
  • Support for Wi-Fi network protocols a / b / g / n / ab;
  • Work in two frequency ranges: 2,4 and 5 GHz;
  • Powerful signal amplifier (300 meters of direct visibility, 100 m - rooms);
  • Channel encryption: WPA, WPA2, WEP (128 / 64 bit), WPS;
  • There is a Web interface for customization (Windows, iOS, Android).

The signal booster WiFi Booster (Repeater), in terms of signal transmission power, surpasses all routers of a budget class. Yes, the booster will lose in the tests to the brands Asus, Cisco, LinkSys and Aruba. But the decision will cost the buyer 15-20 times cheaper.

WiFi Booster (Repeater) or how to amplify a Wi-Fi signal indoors

In stores of network equipment for computers, there are dozens of boosters that differ in price and functionality. The choice is up to the buyer. But I would like to note that for this type of device, "bells and whistles" are not needed. After all, the task is to relay the Wi-Fi signal. And that’s all! That is, there is no difference between the 50-dollar device from the store in Moscow, Washington or Minsk, and the Chinese booster from Girbest for 15 $. By the way, you can buy a cheap WiFi-Booster signal amplifier here.

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