A loan secured by real estate: what is it

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A loan secured by real estate is the receipt of a cash loan from an individual or legal entity. A pledged object is any real estate having a certain value in the market. Such a loan is often confused with a mortgage, which is fundamentally wrong. After all, the subject of the pledge is not the subject of the purchase.


Кредит под залог недвижимости: что это


Each company providing a loan secured by real estate has its own rules. For example, most banks require a certificate of income. MFI MiG Credit Astana offers funds for any purpose according to a simplified scheme, without paperwork. The credit on the security of real estate in Almaty - A great solution for developing your own business.

Loan secured by real estate: advantages


Efficiency. The problem with all banks, without exception, is the lengthy approval of a loan secured by real estate. Property valuation, customer search in databases of other organizations, approval of the amount with the head office, multilateral signing of contracts, insurance. The MiG Credit Astana company knows the price of time.


Кредит под залог недвижимости: что это


To obtain a loan you need a minimum package of documents:

Individuals - these are identity documents and confirming the right to a pledge, as well as an address certificate and a registration certificate for real estate;

Legal entities - this is a copy of the constituent documents and property rights, as well as the permission of the governing body of the borrower and the registration certificate for real estate.

Fair rating. Banks are interested in underestimating the value of real estate transferred as collateral. Indeed, in the event of any problems, the bank will still remain profitable. MiG Credit Astana does not engage in such cheating - the cost is estimated at market prices. In addition, the company has a service - a free specialist visit for a preliminary assessment of collateral real estate.


Кредит под залог недвижимости: что это


Individual approach. In addition to underestimating the value of collateral real estate, banks are biased towards the type of objects themselves. Money is willingly given out only on the security of apartments located in high-rise buildings. Banks try to provide the minimum amount for other facilities. MiG Credit Astana does not sort out real estate. Private houses, land plots, non-residential objects - no restrictions for the borrower. If desired, the client will receive a loan in excess of 50-60% of the value of collateral real estate.


Loan secured by real estate: disadvantages

There are always risks, especially in those cases when money is taken for business development from scratch. But even in these cases, the MiG Credit Astana organization is ready for a compromise. There are dozens of tools that will help the borrower repay the loan secured by real estate on favorable terms.


Кредит под залог недвижимости: что это


These are banks interested in the insolvency of the borrower. MCO MiG Credit Astana is working for the future. Once having taken a loan on good terms, the client will definitely apply again or recommend the company to friends and acquaintances. This is how business is built around the world.

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