MSI DS4100 Gaming Keyboard: Overview, Features

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Famous brand (MSI) and affordable price (25 $) - what could be better if the box with the product says Gaming. The MSI DS4100 gaming keyboard immediately attracted attention. Colorful packaging, nice design and key illumination. The desire to buy was already unstoppable.

MSI DS4100 Gaming Keyboard: Overview, Features

MSI DS4100 Gaming Keyboard: Features

ManufacturerMSI (China)
Form FactorFull-size with a digital block
A typeMembrane
appointmentGames, typing
InterfaceUSB (Gold Plated)
Wire length1.8 meters (cable in protective braid)
Number of keys104
Palm restYes, fixed
Key Press Resource10 million
Button IlluminationYes, 7 modes, Latin and Cyrillic backlighting
Function KeysYes, Fn switch (24 N-Key Rollover buttons)
Button layoutOstrovnoye (keys do not touch)
Button stroke length2 mm
Minimum trigger force55 grams
МатериалPlastic (soft touch)
The weight620 grams
DimensionsX x 452 201 18 мм

Given the characteristics and price of the keyboard, the product looks pretty good. Especially in comparison with our recent guest - Logitech G815, where there were obvious problems with Cyrillic backlighting. But as soon as the device was connected to the computer, a feeling of dampness of the product appeared. But first things first.

MSI DS4100 Gaming Keyboard: Overview

It is clear that with the price of 25 US dollars, it is not worth asking a lot from the manufacturer. But MSI put the Gaming label on the box. So, the device simply must comply with the declared characteristics.

MSI DS4100 Gaming Keyboard: Overview, Features

First of all, the implementation of the palm rest is incomprehensible. She is not removable. As a result, the keyboard takes up free space on the table. Plus, the brand logo has a backlight, which is a little annoying in the dark. The keyboard plastic is very easily soiled - it collects dust and fingerprints. Although, according to the tactile sensations, it is quite convenient to work.

MSI DS4100 Gaming Keyboard: Overview, Features

Backlighting is great. Only here 7 RGB color modes somehow look poor. Especially the red backlight - it is brown and the inscriptions on the buttons are difficult to see. Light shades of the spectrum glow perfectly - there are no questions.

Saves the situation with N-Key Rollover technology. You can configure the simultaneous pressing of buttons and in general, set whole combinations. In MOBA and MMO, these are 24 function keys. Everything works well, no complaints. You just have to get used to it.

When working with office applications (typing), opinions were divided. The MSI DS4100 gaming keyboard has not affected the hearts of all test participants. The keys have a very short stroke, and this is convenient. But the island location, as on modern laptops, is slightly annoying. Plus, there are no concavities on the buttons. With blind typing, in rare cases, you can hold the 2 buttons with your finger without feeling it.

MSI DS4100 Gaming Keyboard: Overview, Features

In general, the keyboard can be attributed to gaming solutions, but only for beginners. I really wanted to see separately made functional buttons on board the device. But they are not there. And using Fn is not always convenient. But for home users who prefer to sit in front of a computer in the evening and at night, the device is ideal. It is because of the backlighting of the keys. Multimedia management, correspondence in social networks, toys not demanding to control.

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