Ease of use of cable lugs

The scope of use of cable lugs is quite wide. They are used to crimp electrical wires before connecting them to the network. The connection elements have the form of a sleeve, which can be connected to cables with one or more conductors made of aluminum or copper.

Advantages of using cable lugs

Cable lugs are widely used in various fields. Active use of these elements is associated with the following advantages:

  • by repeatedly connecting and disconnecting;
  • protection of wires from oxide formation;
  • insulated crimp for increased protection;
  • increasing the contact area;
  • connecting electrical appliances in a simplified mode;
  • minimal heating at intersection points.

With cable lugs, the wires will last much longer, and the quality of the connection will be as high as possible. Today, other methods are preferred to crimping cables with lugs - soldering, welding, twisting or winding. The products can be used in domestic or industrial applications, and a wide range of quality products can be found on the page https:// ital-tecno.com.ua/elektrotehnichne-obladnannya/kabelyni-nakonechniki/ online store "Ital-Techno".

Differences in tips based on materials of manufacture

Cable lugs are available in different forms, with or without insulation. However, the main distinguishing factor is the material of manufacture. The elements are designed from the two most popular metals - aluminum or tinned copper. There are also options in yellow or nickel-plated brass, a combination of aluminum and copper.

Aluminum lugs are intended exclusively for crimping wires in which the conductors are made of aluminum. Their use for other materials is unacceptable. Accordingly, copper models are suitable for copper and tin conductors, and upon contact with other metals they will simply oxidize, which will lead to a breakdown in the connection.

The choice of the appropriate material for making the cores, the diameter of the wires of the cable lugs becomes a guarantee of the most efficient use of the elements. If you are not sure which option to choose from the wide range, we recommend that you consult a specialist for advice. This will help you not waste your money and create a high-quality and safe cable connection that will last for a long time.

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