Buying property in Marbella is a great investment

Costa del Sol is not only one of the popular tourist destinations, but also a great option for real estate investment. Buying a house here can bring good returns in the long run. And this city in Andalusia is great for living. Therefore, you can consider buying a property for personal use.

It will be possible to conclude a really profitable deal if you seek help from professionals in their field. If you need a property in Marble, on the website you can find the best deals.

Reasons to buy property in Spain

The opportunity to profitably invest money and organize a truly comfortable life - these are the two main reasons for buying a home in the Costa del Sol, one of the most beautiful coastal areas in the entire Mediterranean.

Buying in terms of real estate investment has two advantages. The houses are in demand by tourists and workers who move in seasonally during the warm season. As a result, there are always enough tenants, and the rent is constantly growing. Also, unlike some cities in Andalusia, Marbella boasts a growing real estate market, both in terms of deals and prices.

It is also worth noting the tax regime. It is not as profitable as, for example, in the Canaries, but it is still more attractive compared to the most famous Spanish cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia.

Other benefits of buying property in Marbella include:

  • the possibility of year-round comfortable living in the tourist area;

  • having your own housing on the Mediterranean coast (you can live here during your vacation or rent out apartments);

  • fabulous climate - Marbella has an average of 330 sunny days a year with an average temperature of 17º.

Clients can find a great property option in a tourist area and solve three problems at once: organize passive income, save on annual vacations, or get comfortable housing for permanent residence.

Buying and selling luxury real estate with SOLO Marbella Realty

Buying a home in Marbella is a potentially profitable investment. On one condition: you need to make the right deal. Specialists SOLO Marbella Realty help you buy the perfect property at a fair price and in a great location.

SOLO Marbella Realty offers the services of lawyers, accountants, tax advisors and highly qualified real estate agents. Managers accompany the client at all stages of investment, from finding a home to negotiations, from the actual purchase to the fulfillment of tax obligations.

Transparency of all processes is a feature of the company's work. Clients know and understand how the solution of their issue is progressing at each stage. In addition, study tours are conducted to facilitate the decision regarding the purchase of property in Marbella.

The company works with the secondary and primary markets, we have a large partner base, cooperates with all coastal developers. The database contains more than 30 thousand real estate objects. This means that contacting SOLO Marbella Realty guarantees the selection of an option that meets all requirements.

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