Call me back, please - the divorce knows no boundaries

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The next scheme for a divorce was invented in Russia. It’s not that they created it from scratch, they simply took into circulation the old mechanism in the work of mobile operators. Call me back, please - users receive such messages via SMS, from social networks and site administrators.

Call me back, please: the essence of the wiring

By mail or SMS message, the user receives a similar request. And in 99% people call back. After all, trouble could happen to a friend or relative. And in the context of the online store, the customer simply indicated a number for feedback.

Call me back, please - the divorce knows no boundaries

After making a call, the opponent muffles and does not give specific information. He does this with the intention of delaying the time of the conversation. The benefit is that the call to the specified number is paid. That is, the operator withdraws money from the account of the caller and transfers it to the account of the owner of the number. Do not forget to get your interest.

Identifying a list of such numbers is problematic. Given that such calls are beneficial for a mobile operator, it is impossible to get a complete list. It remains only to ignore such messages.

On the other hand, owners of online stores suffer in which buyers indicate numbers for feedback. Checking the liquidity of a number is difficult. It's one thing if the user is registered on social networks - it is easier to match the owner with the number. But the probability of a search is low. Fighting such a divorce is pointless. The problem should be solved at the operator level, which would notify the caller of a paid incoming call.

Actual wiring for customers

Not bad feel scammers on the market for used goods. Sites like Avito offer to buy the right product at a great price. However, to send the goods, as a safety net, the seller asks to transfer a small amount to the card. And why not, because there is an ad with registration, a phone number and a card. Everything seems to be honest.

Call me back, please - the divorce knows no boundaries

This is not the “Call Me Back” cabling, where the owner does not violate the law by highlighting his own number. Sending money irrevocably and without sending goods is a theft. And hiding it is easy. There are dozens of services in Russia that provide virtual mobile numbers for a fee. And dozens of foreign banks issuing cards to everyone in a row, even with fake passports.

As a result, a consumer who wants to earn or buy a used product at a bargain price suffers. The cure for fraud is only one thing - to check a partner. Any announcement or message with a card or mobile phone number must be driven into a search engine. Seek, read and think. If you fall for cheater - Be sure to notify about the wiring in social networks. Fully copy the announcement, message, all numbers and paste into the post. This is the only way to deal with fraud, if the state is not able to.

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