Where to invest in Ukraine

The constant growth of currencies, accompanied by the collapse of the national hryvnia, makes the country's inhabitants daily think about where to invest. Foreign currency, jewelry, cryptocurrency - recommend online publications.

Almost any news portal insists on the need to buy gold, dollars or bitcoins. It is noteworthy that the so-called "experts" assure that there are no other options for Ukrainians. Let's try to understand the capitalization of finances in Ukraine.

Where to invest

The only thing you can do without money is debt (Heinz Schenck)


Куда вкладывать деньги в Украине


Euro, dollar and ruble are just three types of foreign currency, which are spinning in Ukrainian exchangers. The Russian ruble is tied to the energy resources of a country with an unstable economy. Plus, a break in relations in terms of cooperation puts an end to the capitalization of “wooden” rubles. Euro is the currency of a non-existent state that is used to simplify payments within the European Union. The currency is stable, as long as there are no contradictions within the European Union. The dollar is an ordinary piece of paper, which is confirmed by America's debt bills. In view of the aggravation of relations between many states and the USA, the question arises of the advisability of storing green papers.

Life is a game, and money is a way to keep score (Ted Turner)

And yet, where to invest. Regarding the acquisition of foreign currency, these experts recommend investing in the British pound sterling. The most reliable currency in the world demonstrates unprecedented stability for paper money. Please note that in any spy movie, along with dollars and Euros, agents store their savings in English currency.


Куда вкладывать деньги в Украине


The alternative to pounds is the Swiss franc and the Swedish krona. Swing the value of the currency of European countries is not so simple. Money is tightly tied to the country's economy and insured by the state. Lack of stable money in poor convertibility in Ukraine. You can buy or sell currency only at certain banks that specialize in such an exchange.

The money you possess is an instrument of freedom; those you pursue are instruments of slavery (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)


Куда вкладывать деньги в Украине


Jewelry: gold, diamonds, diamonds, jewelry - definitely will always be in price. Moreover, the growth in value, starting from the beginning of the 20 century, is clearly visible in any diagrams kindly provided by banks. Jewelry is long-term capitalization. It's about decades. The reason is simple - the difference in price between buying and selling is 20-40%. Accordingly, the owner will have to wait for the price of jewelry to rise in price in order to make a profit or stay with his savings.

Virtual money

Money is like a hedgehog, which is easy to catch, but not easy to keep (Claudius Elian)


Куда вкладывать деньги в Украине


On the deposits of savings in cryptocurrency "experts" repeat almost daily on the Internet. Charts of fluctuations and growth of digital currencies promise fabulous incomes. Bitcoin is beautiful and profitable, but there are no guarantees. Giving paper money, the user receives only the username and password in the virtual bank. We must not forget about the constant swing around the cryptocurrency. At the state level, authorities are trying to legalize digital currency in order to tax. Or prohibit - to “squeeze” digital currency holders. Lack of stability is a poor investment.

Good advice from survivors

Looking for where to invest, Ukrainians forget about tomorrow. More precisely, about D-Day, when yet another instability in the country leads to a depreciation of the national currency and an increase in prices for essential goods. It is better to follow the advice of the survivors and establish a special rule for yourself or your family. Make an annual supply of non-perishable products and update it annually.


Куда вкладывать деньги в Украине


First of all, it is cereals and pasta. Canned fish, stew and other canned foods high in vitamins and minerals. Salt, sugar, spices, drinking water. Before buying products, survivalists recommend delving into the topic of reservation and properly preparing a storage warehouse. After all, moisture and living creatures in just one year will easily destroy food supplies.

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