Program for vision: treatment, recovery

Laser vision correction is good and, most importantly, effective. But expensive. There are simpler solutions that oculists recognize with gritted teeth. After all, a simple program for vision deprives doctors of a stable income.

So, the task of a person is to get the desired result with minimal time costs. Agree, daily self-medication bothers - a week or two, and the desire disappears. Therefore, it offers the simplest solutions that take a maximum of 5-7 minutes per day.

Program for vision: smartphone

Eye Exercise PRO is a simple and free application that, in comparison with competitors, does not bombard the user with advertising. Easy technique, visual and sound accompaniment - everything is made for people and aimed at the result. You can download the program from the Google Play Store or the App Store.


Программа для зрения: лечение, восстановление


The lack of programs for smartphones in excessive eye strain. After all, the user will involuntarily have to look at the phone screen. On small displays, the picture is blurry, so we recommend you remember the exercises and, focusing on the soundtrack, perform tasks despite looking at the smartphone screen.

Program for vision: computer (laptop)

Of the free solutions, Eye Corrector is well established. The program was created by the method of Norbekov, using the effect of SIRDS images. Three-dimensional images, stereo drawings. At first it’s difficult, but literally after one or two classes the user will forget about the inconvenience.

Paper version

The best solution. An easy-to-remember picture, even a person who sees poorly without glasses, will figure out what to do. Gymnastics is simple and takes no more than 5 minutes to complete. It is nice to combine a paper version and a vision program on a PC. Stereo pictures plus exercises will add efficiency.

When completing tasks, doctors recommend monitoring the pupil's humidity and preventing drying out.

Программа для зрения: лечение, восстановление


If possible, wash your face with warm water and do not wipe with a towel. If you feel a cutting sensation, close your eyes tightly and try to relax. Program for vision on a smartphone or PC holds attention, so try to learn all the exercises and perform them, regardless of the screen.

Try to spend classes in the morning when the muscles of the eyes are in a more relaxed state. Do not take breaks - exercises are performed daily. If you wish and have free time, you can do exercises for the eyes up to two times a day.

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