Is OnePlus Band a competitor to Xiaomi Mi Band 5?

Having no experience in any area, it is possible to launch products on the market according to two scenarios. Create something new and unique. Or, take a competitor's idea, transform it and present it under your own logo. Corporation BBK, having announced the release of OnePlus Band, decided on the third option. Take Xiaomi Mi Band 5 as a basis and make it cooler. Judging by the appearance, the manufacturer hesitated for a long time and did not make a copy of the legendary Xiaomi watch.


Is OnePlus Band a competitor to Xiaomi Mi Band 5?


Insider Ishan Agarwal wrote on Twitter that the new product is a direct competitor to Xiaomi Mi Band 5 in terms of functionality and price. AMOLED screen 1.1 inches, IP68 protection, heart rate monitoring. There is even a determination of blood oxygen saturation. OnePlus Band price is $ 35.

OnePlus Band – конкурент Xiaomi Mi Band 5?

There is no sign of competition with Xiaomi Mi Band 5 here. If only because the functionality of the OnePlus Band is much more interesting. For complete happiness, only the NFC module is missing. And it's a shame that the manufacturer did not foresee this. After all, the whole world has long switched to this wireless technology. Let the OnePlus Band cost $ 5 more. But it was much more interesting for buyers. Let's hope that unlike XiaomiOnePlus will not be stuck with one design, but will release more interesting products.

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